Selected Credits:

Swamp to Sahara ‘Flying Duches’ LP (2017) Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

King Social ‘In Colour’ LP (2017) Assistant Engineer/Production Assistant and Mixing Assisitant

Tai Sui ‘Contact’ EP (2017) – Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Arcades and Lions EP (2017) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Hunter Adams ‘Chrysalis’ EP (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

The Treehouse Children ‘Please’ EP (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

The Evening Cast ‘Belong’ LP (2016) – Mixing Engineer

Elaskia ‘Call You Mine’ Single (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Auxfire ‘Owls’ EP (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Joel Leggett ‘Changing Currents’ LP (2015) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

White Summer I Know A Place We Can Love’ (2015) – Assistant Engineer

Holly Buchanan ‘Feared Love’ Single (2014) – Engineered/Produced/Mixed/Mastered

The Meantime EP (2014) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer