Selected Credits:

Middle Kids ‘Beliefs and Prayers’ Single (2019) Engineer

D.M.A’s ‘For Now’ LP (2018) Engineer

Skegss ‘My Own Mess’ LP (2018) Engineer

The Sea Gypsies ‘Movements’ LP (2018) Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Totty ‘Lucky’ Single (2019) Engineer/Mixing Engineer

SOY ‘Complications’ EP (2018) Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Space Carbonara Dolphin Man Returns’ LP (2018) Mixing Engineer

Vacations ‘On Your Own’ Single (2019) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Nelipot ‘Garden Hose Rainbows’ + ‘Hudson Lane’ Singles (2018, 2019) Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

GOSH ‘Never Lose You’ + ‘Say Another Thing’ Singles (2019) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Good Lekker ‘Levitate’ + ‘Prague’ (2019) Singles – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Julia Jacklin ‘Kims Caravan’ Single (2018) – Engineer

Sol3 Mio ‘A Very Merry Christmas’ LP (2017) Engineer

Kirin J Callinan ‘Bravado’ LP (2017) Engineer

Tai Sui ‘Contact’ EP (2017) – Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Lola ScottWarzone of the Suburbs (Acoustic)’ (2019) – Engineer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Sunday Avenue ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Moonlight’ singles (2019) – Engineer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/

Memoiirs ‘Peaches’ EP (2019) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Runaway Mornings ‘In Hindsight’ EP (2018) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

The Treehouse Children ‘Please’ EP (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Arcades and Lions EP (2017) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Auxfire ‘Owls’ EP (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

The Knots Riot Pilot’ EP (2018) Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Arcades and Lions ‘You Know’ Sinlge (2018)  Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Swamp to Sahara ‘Flying Duches’ LP (2017) Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Underachiever ‘This Time I’ll Stay Good’ EP (2018) Mastering Engineer

Hunter Adams ‘Chrysalis’ EP (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

The Evening Cast ‘Belong’ LP (2016) – Mixing Engineer

The Good Love ‘Around The World’ Single (2018) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer /Mastering Engineer

Sammi Constantine ‘Feel Your Body (Stripped)’ Single (2018) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer /Mastering Engineer

Katherine Miller ‘All I Knew’ EP (2018) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Session Guitarist/Session Bassist

Cooks and Bakers ‘Cage’ Single (2019) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer /Mastering Engineer

Dyer Maker ‘Delay’ and ‘Elastic’ Singles (2018/2019) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Kookshill ‘Sorry’ Single (2019) Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Elaskia ‘Call You Mine’ Single (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

Joel Leggett ‘Changing Currents’ LP (2015) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Southern End ‘Slow Train’ Single (2016) – Engineer/Producer/Mixing Engineer

DZ Deathrays ‘Bloody Lovely’ LP (2018) Assistant Engineer

King Social ‘In Colour’ LP (2017) Assistant Engineer/Production Assistant and Mixing Assistant




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